100 victims freed by bandits after 40 days

100 victims freed by bandits after 40 days
100 victims freed by bandits after 40 days

Hundreds of kidnapped victims have been released by bandits in Zamfara State in Dansadau, Maru Local Government Area.

Police spokesperson Mohammed Shehu in the state said that the bandits abducted the victims on June 8 and kept them for almost 40 days at Kabaru Forest.

A government-engaged group of repentant bandits intervened on Monday and saved the captives, Shehu said.

“The rescue operation took a long time due to the high number of captives. It is crucial that we apply tactics carefully so as not to jeopardize the entire operation. Thank God, everything went smoothly,” he told BBC Hausa.

Out of 100 people rescued, 80 are with security agents.

The remaining 20 could not make it to Gusau due to illness. They have been turned over to their families for treatment,” he said.

“We used two procedures,” Shehu said. Despite a window for repentance, the bandits are not interested in peace. Security agents have no choice but to fight them.

“The second option is to engage the repentant bandits in rescuing the captives without paying any ransom.

Some of them are showing signs of fatigue with banditry; they come for arbitration and the government grants them amnesty for peace to reign. They even assist security agents in building peace.”

Of the rescued, 53 are female, 23 are children, and four are adults.

60 people were rescued from the den of bandits in Shinkafi a few days ago.

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