2000 bandits ‘Informants’ Arrested In Zamfara – Commissioner

2000 bandits ‘informants’ arrested in zamfara – commissioner
2000 bandits ‘informants’ arrested in zamfara – commissioner

According to Alhaji Ibrahim Dosara, State Commissioner Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, more than 2000 bandit informants have been arrested in Zamfara State as a result of the state’s telecommunications shutdown.

Commissioner who made this disclosure in Kaduna State on Thursday
Providing an update on the ongoing military operations in the state.

The suspected informants are undergoing serious interrogation, according to him
Disclosure of their perpetrators and collaborators is required.

The arrested informants mentioned some names to him, he said
Collaborators who are highly influential.

The security agencies are working on the information he provided
To arrest those collaborators, the informants should be arrested.

As many bandits fled to neighbouring states such as Sokoto and Katsina, Dosara said many had been neutralized by the security agencies in the state.

Since the operation began one month ago, many bandits have fled the state to Sokoto and Kastsina states. Many of them fled the state as a result of our efforts.

“Just a day ago, a Sokoto police commissioner said 80 percent of Zamfara bandits were now in Sokoto, and only 20 percent remained in Katsina and Zamfara. As of now, security agencies have arrested over 2000 informants in the state and are in the process of interrogating them. They have listed names of the collaborators, including some well-known figures.
“Security agencies are using the information provided to track down collaborators,” he said.

The state government is aware of the hardships the telecommunications sector faces
The shutdown was highly regretted.

The decision is only to free the state from bandits, not to harm law-abiding citizens.

The telecom ban in Gusau, the state capital, will be lifted by the end of this week, he said.

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