2023: It is not your turn, Orji Kalu tells Igbo to wait

2023: It is not your turn, Orji Kalu tells Igbo to wait
2023: It is not your turn, Orji Kalu tells Igbo to wait

If the presidency is not zoned to the South East, Senate Chief Whip Orji Uzor Kalu claims no member of the Igbo ethnic group will ever be elected president.

Kalu told reporters on Tuesday at the National Assembly Complex in Abuja that the presidency is not a regional issue and can only be won with the cooperation of other geopolitical zones.

Thus, he asked his fellow politicians from the South East who were chasing the highest post to hold off until major political parties agreed to zone the ticket to the region.

He also urged the Southeast to support Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the upcoming elections, saying that the region will gain the most under Tinubu’s leadership.

Kalu argued that the presidency was not a matter of geography. I proposed that the political parties put the presidential election in the South-East. After they failed to do so, and given that the president is not a local matter, I withdrew.

“I see no reason why an Igbo man couldn’t serve as president. The catch is that we can’t do it alone; we need to recruit fellow Nigerians. No matter how well-known you are, nothing will happen unless we involve other Nigerians. There is no such position as “president of Igboland,” just of Nigeria.

“At my very core, I am an Igbo man. I, too, am a true blue Nigerian. I, of all people, would have been the Southeast’s choice for presidential nominee. As such, it appears to be a business centred around social gatherings. I hold no ill will toward any candidate.

Then it’s not a personal attack. It’s party- and state-based politics. Politics and electoral victories are at the heart of this issue. The Alternative Peace Coalition is where I want to be. I don’t see why I should cast my ballot against Tinubu. I refuse to participate in such insanity. It’s the party line that matters in elections, not ethnicity.

The only way to ensure that all Nigerians agree to zone the presidency to the Igboland is to wait until a more appropriate time. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is our current presidential contender. The Igbo will benefit much from Tinubu’s presidency since he is a savvy leader. The Igbo people will gain the most under Tinubu’s administration.

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