A stingy man can’t be president Fr Mbaka opposes Peter Obi’s

a stingy man can't be president fr mbaka opposes peter obi's
a stingy man can’t be president fr mbaka opposes peter obi’s

Fr. Ejike Mbaka, a Catholic priest, has spoken out against Peter Obi’s presidential ambitions as Labour’s presidential candidate.

I Have Not Responded to Mbaka’s Outburst – Peter Obi

Catholic Diocese disowns Fr Ejike Mbaka’s remarks on Peter Obi

Wednesday, June 15, Fr. Mbaka stated to parishioners of his church that a miser cannot be Nigeria’s president. According to him, Nigerians are starving and in need of a generous individual.

Every Christian must stand up and defend our faith – Mbaka

‘Stingy Man’: Mbaka apologies to Peter Obi

“A miser cannot serve as our president. We’re quite hungry. We need a generous individual. Nigerians are starving. Are you not hungry?” he inquired

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