Adamu Garba raised N83.2m but withdrew from presidential race

adamu garba raised n83.2m but withdrew from presidential race
adamu garba raised n83.2m but withdrew from presidential race

Adamu Garba, a presidential aspirant for the All Progressives Congress (APC), has resigned from the race.

Garba informed reporters in Abuja on Monday that he has withdrawn from the race due to the exorbitant expense of collecting APC expression of interest and nomination papers for the president and the cost of running for political office.

According to him, pricing the presidential form at N100 million would encourage the financialization and commercialization of the country’s political arena.

Garba said his decision not to get an APC presidential nomination form was made after consulting with his campaign team, which he said had raised N83,2 million in private and internet donations.

He stated that the money would be refunded to the donors.

Garba added that he would disclose his next political move in the coming days.

He stated, “We feel this move is potential of over-financializing our political space, institutionalising vote-buying, increasing corruption, and eradicating the youth and the poor from political involvement.

“When we highlighted this concern in multiple media forums, the party assumed that the high cost of form would distinguish between serious and unserious candidates.

“This goes against our belief that you can only distinguish between serious and unserious candidates based on their competency, capacity, credibility, programme strength, workable solutions, and marketability to Nigeria through rapid intraparty debates and other high-level criterion reviews to ensure we present a better future leader for Nigeria.

“Further investigation revealed that even if we obtained the paperwork, the party’s requirement for a Letter of Voluntary Withdrawal on page 18 of the nomination form rendered the primary election impossible.

“I cannot in good faith solicit cash from my supporters in the hope that we will have a primary election, then sign a postdated letter of withdrawal from the campaign,”

According to him, the APC has taken various actions that are likely to undermine its democratic credentials.

In the interest of Nigeria’s future, “we must reject at all costs a return to centrist, sycophantic, patronage-driven unitary systems,” he stated.

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