Blame PDP if presidency doesn’t go to South – Osita Okechukwu

blame pdp if presidency doesn’t go to south – osita okechukwu
blame pdp if presidency doesn’t go to south – osita okechukwu

Mr Osita Okechukwu, a founder of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Director-General (DG) of Voice of Nigeria (VON), has urged Nigerians to hold the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) accountable if a southerner does not win the presidency in 2023.

In response to PANDEF, Ohanaeze, the Middle Belt Forum, and Afenifere’s condemnation of the APC’s failure to zone the 2023 presidency to the south, Okechukwu stated that the APC has taken note of the PDP’s determination to exploit President Muhammadu Buhari’s twelve million vote bank.

According to him, the APC’s strategy for the 2023 general elections has to be fine-tuned.

According to him,

“Although one isn’t holding the brief for our distinguished national Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, one’s little understanding is that the leadership of our great party, is watching closely the desperation and antics of our elder sister political party, the PDP.

“They want to capture power, by all means, indeed using Machiavellian tactics. We all know that PDP is famished, thirsty and desperate to win the Presidency in 2023. They loathe the loss of their slogan ‘Share the Money’ through their absence from power at the centre for seven going to eight years.

“PDP,” he said, “is aware that President Buhari will not be on the ballot in 2023, therefore, for them, there is a void to fill. They must have reasoned that the Buhari’s Vote Bank would be up for grabs if they go north.

“To be frank, my take on the matter is that the swap option is still open because some of us from the South are still arguing that we have dormant votes, especially Igbo votes which will augment APC members’ votes from the north.

“However, if at the end of the day the zoning fails, we should blame PDP’s desperation, because we’ve been advocating a repeat of the Chiefs Obasanjo/Falae; Yaradua/Buhari and Buhari/Atiku models of 1999, 2007 and 2019 models.”
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