Buhari’s aide Picks N10m House Of Reps Form

buhari’s aide picks n10m house of reps form
buhari’s aide picks n10m house of reps form

Bashir Ahmad, Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari for New Media and Digital Communications, has picked up the All Progressives Congress nomination and expression of interest forms for the House of Representatives (APC).

This weekend, Ahmad, who hopes to represent Gaya, Ajingi, and Albasu in the National Assembly’s lower house, picked up the N10 million form.

He will challenge the incumbent, Mahmoud Abdullahi Gaya, who is also a member of the ruling APC.

Ahmad is regarded as one of Buhari’s younger aides. After spending a number of years in the media, he was appointed at the age of 24, after having served in the media for a period of time.

Unlike other candidates who selected the forms, Ahmad did not reveal whether he acquired the forms for himself or on behalf of an organisation.

He just posted pictures of himself holding the forms and tweeted, “Just finished filling my portion of the form; the rest will be completed by my constituents, the good people of Gaya, Ajingi, and Albasu Local Government Areas in Kano, whom I will, by God’s grace, be representing in the House of Representatives. May Allah (SWT) bless us with VICTORY!”

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