Ebonyi Court removes Labour Party governorship candidate

ebonyi court removes labour party governorship candidate
ebonyi court removes labour party governorship candidate

A Federal High Court in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, has upheld the June 9 primary election that produced Mr. Splendor Eze as the Labour Party’s Ebonyi governorship candidate.

When Justice Fatun Liman decided on the matter Wednesday, she also found that the primary held Tuesday, Aug. 2 in 2022 that produced Edward Nkwegu as a candidate for governor was illegitimate.

Because Mr. Eze never resigned from the race, he claims that the party primary held earlier this month was still valid.

Liman argued that a political party cannot have a second candidate until the first candidate withdraws from the campaign.

It was praised by Eze’s legal counsel Barr Michael Odoh, who maintained that his client is still the legitimate contender for Ebonyi because he hasn’t dropped out.

He stated;

“My client is the governorship candidate of LP and he has not withdrawn. And not until he withdraws, no other candidate can emerge as a candidate in that party.

“The court had upheld the primary that was conducted earlier in June in favour of Splendour and set aside the purported second primary held yesterday, August 2, 2022.

“People should abide by the electoral act and party guidelines. If you want to take over from a candidature of a political party, where a candidature was validly nominated and the name of the person already forwarded to INEC; the person has to withdraw his candidature in writing, then after that withdrawal, that is when another person can take over.

“My client, Splendour remains the governorship candidate of Labour Party in the state and no other person.”

As Eze put it, it was a triumph for the youth and a defeat of the “money bag” class. In his remarks, he praised the courts for upholding its duties.

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