God Has Spoken to me, I’ll Declare for Presidency On Tuesday

God Has Spoken to me, I’ll Declare for Presidency On Tuesday
God Has Spoken to me, I’ll Declare for Presidency On Tuesday

Senator Chris Ngige, Minister of Labour and Employment, claims God has spoken to him about running for president and that he will announce on Tuesday.

Ngige made the remarks on Saturday evening as members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) greeted him at the intersection of Anambra and Enugu states.

Chris Ngige told the throng, who had previously requested him to declare for the president, that he had consulted and prayed, and that God had spoken to him.

“I want to inform you that the Lenten season concluded yesterday night, and that we spent the entire time communing with God.” We fasted and conducted spiritual exercises. We communicated with God and His Angels, and God responded. God has addressed me. I want to reassure everyone that I will not let you down. “I’ll speak to you in a language you’ll understand,” he promised.

According to him, as governor of Anambra for 34 months, he accomplished more than those who served for eight years.

Chris Ngige went on to say that if given the chance, he would reproduce that at the national level.

He stated that comparing him to Peter Obi and Willie Obiano is a huge error, adding that he outperformed both in just 34 months.

Ngige claimed that he not only laid the groundwork for the new Anambra, but also constructed residences, edifices, schools, and other infrastructure throughout the state.

He also stated that pensions were paid on time throughout his stint as governor.

“I’d want to be your ambassador to Nigeria.” If the Nigerian people give us a chance, we will continue to work like we did in Anambra. If Nigerians give us the opportunity, I will continue to work like I did in the Senate. “We will also work in the same way that I have worked as a minister of labour and productivity throughout the years,” he added.

According to Ngige, he has met with all of the governors in the southeast, and they have agreed to back his quest.

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