I didn’t endorse Buhari in 2015, I just urged don’t vote for Jonathan – Soyinka

I didn't endorse Buhari in 2015, I just urged don't vote for Jonathan - Soyinka
I didn’t endorse Buhari in 2015, I just urged don’t vote for Jonathan – Soyinka

Wole Soyinka, a Nobel Laureate, has stated that he did not advise Nigerians to vote for Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

Soyinka remarked at a press conference in Lagos on Thursday, April 7, that he never endorsed Buhari’s candidacy in 2015, instead urging Nigerians to vote against former President Goodluck Jonathan.

He stated,

    “Jonathan had a chance to win that election and I told him this. He blew it. He really blew it on many levels.

    “Before the election, I told him frankly. I told him why I was not going to vote for him or support him because he lost the confidence and trust of the people — a couple of actions and inactions, including his failure to tackle corruption. Despite that, it is false to say that I supported the election of Buhari.

    “If I believed that is what I should do, I would not hesitate one moment to come out and say this is the candidate. I challenge anyone to say where did I say vote for Buhari — when, what occasion and in what language?

    “What I said very distinctly is ‘do not vote for Jonathan’. I don’t regret that because the level of corruption at that stage was such at number one.

    “It is a shame that one has to recall negativities. At no time did I ever say ‘vote for Buhari’. You can’t find it anywhere. I did not vote for Buhari. If you do not believe me, go and ask the security man in Abeokuta who used to accompany me if I left my house that day.”
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