I wouldn’t probe the previous government if elected – Peter Obi

I wouldn't probe the previous government if elected - Peter Obi
I wouldn’t probe the previous government if elected – Peter Obi

Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate for 2023, has clarified why he would not prioritise investigating the previous administration if he were elected president.

He stated this on Friday in Abuja while responding to queries following the formal announcement of Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed as his running mate for the 2023 election.

2023 elections won’t be religious or ethnic – Datti Baba Ahmed

His mission, according to him, is to avoid diversions and combat corruption.

“As for investigating the previous administration, let me tell you that you can’t close your shop and pursue thieves at the same time. Those who are solely concerned with the past and present will miss tomorrow. God did not give us backward-facing sight; mine is intended for the future.

“You will receive more if, upon entering the government today, you decide to first eliminate leaks. I will not participate in any type of victimisation or witch hunt. Obi stated that Nigerians must live lawfully.

Many believed corruption to be difficult to combat, he continued.

“However, I can tell you without hesitation that if you, the chief executive, the head of the local government, the governor, or the president do not steal, and if your family and others around you do not steal, you will reduce theft by 70 percent.

“And I challenge everyone to go and show me anyone who was a contractor, a public servant, or a supplier during my eight years as governor of Anambra State who would say that I sat down with them and said, ‘Add one naira to this.'” I am resigning; I will not continue with this (if it is true). We were able to save approximately N70 billion naira as a result.

“Please read what my former head of service stated. He penned the paper “Stingeness as a development strategy” because, when I began paying the public workers their dues and leave allowances, they began to inquire about the source of the money that I had saved while they were arguing with me. “Public funds should be utilised for the common good.”

Obi, in announcing Baba-Ahmed as his running mate, stated that he was excellently suited to utilise his private sector and academic accomplishments in the effort to rescue Nigeria from the crude politics of ethnicity.

In the next days, the LP will base its platform on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, according to him (SDGs).

He stated that in the next weeks, the party would release the creativity and inventiveness of its youths, and that the Labour Party administration would unlock the new asset of huge territory in the north and transform it into future oil.

He stated that the party’s goal was to secure, unite, and make Nigeria productive, and that this could not be accomplished without those who had a similar vision and outlook on the next challenge.

Obi stated, “He (Baba-Ahmed) has been described as one of the youngest and brightest persons in Nigeria who has distinguished himself in every field.

“He brings to this endeavour a plethora of private-sector and public-sector expertise, as well as a global perspective that will assist in turning this country around.

“Today, our country faces so many issues that I won’t list here because we’re only here to announce our vice presidential candidate, but I will not be doing our country a great service if I don’t highlight some of them” (challenges).

Today, we are the world’s poverty capital. As I stated in my interview a few days ago, we are currently deeply in debt. We are truly on the verge of defaulting on our debt service, which will result in our credit rating being lowered to trash. I pray it doesn’t happen.

“Everything is a result of poor leadership. We’ve resolved to stop this deterioration and drift. Datti and I have sat down and deliberated over this decision we have taken. I told him that we are not working alone on this project.
We are gathering all Nigerians into this large tent where everyone would be involved in order to abolish the crude politics of tribe and religion. We want to replace this with competence at this point.

“We are devoted to transforming those huge northern lands into the oil of tomorrow.” Our people will return to the land for productivity, as oil is a dwindling asset. Kano and Kaduna will serve as a processing hub.

“We shall unleash the potential of the Port of Port Harcourt. It is a transshipment port capable of generating sufficient income. We have workers in Aba who are capable of producing the shoes and apparel that Vietnam sells for almost $60 billion every year. This nation must produce, and we intend to do just that. Datti’s PhD in Economics is not a waste of time; it must be exploited.”

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