I’m Not A Northern House Boy – Orji Kalu

i'm not a northern house boy – orji kalu
i’m not a northern house boy – orji kalu

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, top whip of the Senate, claims he is not a house boy in northern Nigeria.

Kalu, who advocated for a South East president, also declared his personal interest in the nation’s highest position in January.

The former governor of Abia stated, however, that he decided to withdraw from the contest because “there is no zoning in APC.”

Since then, he has been advocating for a northern president, prompting some to refer to him as a home boy among northerners.

Kalu, speaking to journalists in the National Assembly on Wednesday, stated, “I am not anyone’s house boy. I don’t fear anybody. If the president is from the north or the west, I will tell him the truth, as I have been in a position where nobody feeds me. Comfort does not require conversation with others. I do not even fear death. Therefore, when I talk, I always tell the truth, which is the truth.”

He also urged Nigerians not to worry about the rumoured Muslim-Muslim ticket being planned by the All Progressives Congress (APC), stating that this is the only way the ruling party can win in 2023.

“If we don’t run a Muslim-Muslim ticket, we’re in trouble, and it will be tough to win the election, as Ahmed Tinubu’s only remaining option is to run a Muslim-Muslim ticket.” If I were in Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s position, my wife would be a Pentecostal pastor. I’ll purchase a Muslim-to-Muslim ticket. The most crucial factor is the party’s victory. We should cease this religious nonsense.

“Whether you put a Christian there or not, if we win, the wife is already a pastor and they have been married for over four decades. This is the truth. Therefore, no one is to be blamed; Tinubu’s wife is equivalent to a vice president. I am giving my opinion. I am a Christian. This is the opinion of Orji Kalu. You cannot contest my viewpoint.”

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