John Odigie Oyegun asserts that the APC values young

john odigie oyegun asserts that the apc values young
john odigie oyegun asserts that the apc values young

According to Chief John Odigie Oyegun, Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Aspirants Screening Committee, the ruling party cares for the young.

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This was said by Oyegun on Friday, when he delivered the screening committee’s findings to the National Chairman of the party, Senator Abdullah Adamu.

He stated that among those who offered themselves to the committee were young people who had accomplished so much that they were certain they could govern the country.

Oyegun also encouraged the ruling party to be aware of the subject of power shift, stating that certain contenders voiced the opinion that power should shift to the north.

“Initially, we interacted with 23 potential new members. And my initial observation is that we were really busy. It was 23 individuals that presented themselves. Others, including renowned Nigerians both inside and outside the country, had applied but were unable to move further with their applications for whatever reason.

“The point I wish to make pertains to the calibre of the individuals who seek to run this nation.

“The second point I’d like to emphasise is that we were startled by the participation of the younger party members. Some of whom truly shocked us with their accomplishments in life, their grasp of the predicament in this country, and their reasons for seeking the privilege of managing this nation. What mattered was that they believed in the country and the party so strongly that they were willing to spend a price that some of us deemed royal to participate in the process. Moreover, I believe that the parties should cover their backs.

“Our report is straightforward and brief in nature. I do not wish to obscure the issue. It had two distinct elements. The fundamental constitutional requirements to aspire to the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This was straightforward and simple.

“On the basis of this criterion, any candidate who presented himself is qualified. Because it was elementary and easy. However, we are the party in power. And we are enthusiastic about continuing the process and replacing our president with another party member at the appropriate moment.

“It’s also a chance to demonstrate the usefulness and experience of the party’s members. Let the world know that this is a party that cares about young people, and that when we say that young people may aspire, we mean it. And this is highlighted in the report we have written.

I will conclude by stating that we only drew a cautionary note. This cleavage is becoming increasingly central to public conversation. As between the north and the south, as well as the presidency. Because it has its own repercussions, we urge the parties to consider it before making a decision, to address it, and to allow it to affect their thinking.

“Outside of that, I’d like to thank you on behalf of the exceptional coworkers you’ve provided me with. Please accept my sincere gratitude. It was a sensitive task, a difficult assignment, but also a very intriguing assignment from which we all benefited tremendously and from which the party will also benefit.”

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