Kaduna’s Labour Party governor candidate backs Peter Obi

kaduna's labour party governor candidate backs peter obi
kaduna’s labour party governor candidate backs peter obi

Mr. Shunom Adinga, the Labour Party (LP) candidate for governor in Kaduna State, says he has established contact with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) in order to secure their support for the party’s candidates in 2023, including Peter Obi.

He stated that the LP as a party will work to guarantee that all disgruntled groups in the country are brought to the political sphere to contribute to the country’s progress.

During a press conference held at the state party secretariat in Kaduna, the LP candidate for governor made this announcement. He also encouraged the IMN group and all Nigerians to support his candidacy and that of Obi.

“We make every effort to bring together dissatisfied members of society, such as the El-Zazaky group of Shiites. They have been consulted. We have reached an agreement with them to work with the incoming government of Peter Obi,” he stated.

In addition, he asserted that no other party in the country is as well-known as the Labour Party because Nigeria has more employees than politicians, citing Human resources as his primary area of competence.

He characterised the Labour Party as the largest and one of the most populated in the nation.

Regarding teachers losing their jobs in Kaduna, he stated that a government that refuses to collaborate with its employees and provide them with standard operating procedures lacks imagination.

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