Muslim-Christian Presidency Hasn’t Helped Us – Oshiomhole

muslim christian presidency hasn't helped us – oshiomhole
muslim christian presidency hasn’t helped us – oshiomhole

Adams Oshiomhole, former governor of Edo State and former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has dismissed the controversy surrounding Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s selection of a Muslim running mate.

Oshiomhole stated that it is time for the country to abandon primitive notions such as religion and ethnicity and instead focus on the ability and bravery of candidates to salvage the nation.

Thursday on TVC, the former governor stated his happiness with the APC’s Muslim-Muslim ticket and praised Tinubu for making this decision.

Senator Kashim Shettima, the former governor of Borno State, was Tinubu’s running mate.

He stated, “The more opposition parties join the Muslim-Muslim argument, the more convinced I am that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu made the correct decision.

“We require bravery. In recent years, we’ve battled to find a balance between these religious issues. Tinubu’s choice indicates that, if elected, he will take aggressive action.

If the number of churches and mosques we’ve constructed throughout the years were equal to the number of factories, we wouldn’t be at this level of national poverty.

Oshiomhole stated that he was particularly pleased with Shettima’s selection owing to his qualifications and accomplishments.

He stated, “We cannot conduct business as usual. I am pleased with Shettima’s quality. He is well-read and knowledgeable. He has received numerous honours at home and abroad.

“We should investigate the personality and qualifications of Tinubu’s choice. Soon, pagans will organise to say otherwise as well.”

Moreover, he referred to the Tinubu/Shettima ticket as a “balanced ticket” for the party, claiming that Tinubu’s track record and Shettima’s excellent talents would result in the opposition party’s defeat.

“The ticket is well-balanced in terms of competency and their antecedents.” This courageous decision threatens the opposition party because they sense loss.”

The former national chairman of the APC rejected fears over the Muslim-Muslim ticket’s “islamization agenda” by stating that Tinubu could not even islamize his own family.

“What are the anxieties of those who make this remark? They claim that plans exist to enslave Nigerians. Has the candidate (Tinubu) converted his own family members to Islam? His wife is a pastor and a Christian.

“Our candidate for president is a happily married man. He has showed religious tolerance by having a wife who practises her own religion. How can a man who permitted religious freedom in his home Islamize the nation?”

Oshimohole also addressed the ongoing ASUU strike, asserting that such topics should have dominated political discourse in the nation.

He said, “Despite having a Muslim president and a Christian vice president, nothing has changed.

“Right now, I believe the question that should dominate our political opinion is: what is the issue between the ASUU and the federal government? Even as a previous Labour leader, I am uncertain that I am aware of every aspect.

“I can fathom the suffering endured by parents. Therefore, we do not discuss these topics and instead focus on religion.

“Alright, we have a balanced ticket (Muslim-Christian) as we speak; where has it translated to?”

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