My blood is Nigerian, I grew up poor – Amaechi

My blood is Nigerian, I grew up poor - Rotimi Amaechi
My blood is Nigerian, I grew up poor – Rotimi Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation, claims that growing up in a poor home has taught him what it’s like to go to bed hungry.

The minister stated this in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, while expressing interest in succeeding President Muhammadu Buhari.

Rotimi Amaechi claims he is qualified to lead Nigeria since he has spent 23 years in public service.

Despite the fact that the country faces several issues, the minister praised President Muhammadu Buhari for spending extensively in infrastructure.

“This was not an easy decision for me to make. As Minister of Transportation, I have served our country for the past seven years. I had previously served as Governor of Rivers State for eight years. I was Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly for the previous eight years. These 23 years of service have given me not just extensive expertise in administration and public service, but also sympathy for our country’s regular residents.”

“After more than two decades in public service, I decided to take a vacation and spend more time with my family before embarking on a new path away from politics.” However, as a 58-year-old member of the post-independence generation who has witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of Nigeria, I am moved by the urgency of our current difficulties to put my experience and proven talent to the greatest possible use in the service of the country.

“Those who know me may attest to the fact that I have always spoken my mind. This quality hasn’t always made me popular, but I always speak the truth. So, today, allow me to say the truth.
As a country, we are confronted with some significant issues. These issues include instability, the need for more governance accountability, young unemployment, and the plague of spiralling poverty.

“However, Nigeria is not the only country with these issues. The world we live in is a tumultuous place. In practically every country, the reality we used to know has changed. Nigeria’s issues did not start today, I concede. And they aren’t going to be fixed overnight. However, these are not insurmountable obstacles for our people to overcome. Thankfully, that process has already begun.

“On second thought, running for President would have been well beyond the wildest dreams of the young kid running through the streets of Diobu or around our modest compound in Ubima. Not to mention the young destitute student leader at the University of Port Harcourt who is rallying his friends. However, my desire is not to achieve any personal goals. I’m running for office because I think it is my moral obligation to do everything I can to serve my nation.

“I bring to the table a unique blend of expertise and patriotic zeal.” I’ve been involved in politics for 23 years. I’ve worked for the government at many levels, including municipal, state, and federal. I’ve worked as a political appointee as well as a public officer. As Governor of Rivers State, I functioned as both an executive and a legislative, as Speaker of the State House of Assembly.

“I didn’t merely fill vacancies in these capacities. I oversaw the parliamentary process as Speaker during a difficult transition from military administration. I overcame mercantile militancy and restored security as Governor. As a minister, I may modestly say that I have earned Nigerians’ trust.

“I do not come from a wealthy family.” I grew up in a disadvantaged and a poor family. I know how it feels to go a day without eating some meals. I understand the anguish of desire and the misery of scarcity. I understand what it’s like to see your parents toil simply to maintain a roof over your head. I understand the weight of expectation that comes with being the only person in your family who has the opportunity to attend university.

“I am looking forward to visiting your towns, villages, cities, colleges, and waterways.” I’d want to know about your wants, needs, and pains. I’d like to know what’s most important to you. I’d want to pay attention and learn. I’ll be coming with one guarantee: I’ll be welcomed everywhere because I have the blood of every Nigerian running through my veins. “I am going to be the president of all Nigerians.”

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