Nigerians are angry; 2023 will shock many parties — Obaseki

nigerians are angry; 2023 will shock many parties — obaseki
nigerians are angry; 2023 will shock many parties — obaseki

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki has warned politicians and political parties that voters will surprise them in the upcoming 2023 elections because Nigerians are fed up with governments at all levels.

On Tuesday, Obaseki told reporters in Benin, the capital of Edo State, that politicians can expect a surprise back from the voters because of poor governance and inefficiency.

If nothing is done to alter the public’s perception, Nigerians will continue to reject those who fail to improve their lives. There is now no political party that can confidently declare it will win the next national elections.

“Everyone is keeping an eye on you, and the only way to get people out of their homes and to the polls is to give them a good reason to vote for or against anything. People are less likely to vote if they feel they have nothing to gain.

He claims that the public is paying careful attention to politics in the country and is prepared to surprise the political establishment.

If our government and representatives to the people continue to act as if nothing is changing, they are doing themselves more harm than good. As we are starting to realise, we are all in for a big surprise. More and more citizens are beginning to understand that they have a responsibility to hold their government and the individuals in charge of their resources and commonwealth accountable, and they are beginning to exercise that responsibility by using their right to vote.

“We are blessed in Edo State because we saw it coming, and we have put out the roadmap and anticipated it coming, but our difficulty is that many people don’t believe it, thinking we have time, and things will still unfold the way they always have,” the author writes.

However, he urged Nigeria’s political leaders to do their part to ease people’s suffering.

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