Northerners won’t vote for anyone from South-East – Kwankwaso

Northerners won't vote for anyone from South-East - Kwankwaso
Northerners won’t vote for anyone from South-East – Kwankwaso

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, former governor of Kano State and presidential candidate for the New Nigeria People’s Party, has explained why he believes the Labour Party will not win the 2023 presidential election.

Sunday, July 3, Kwankwaso stated in an interview with Channels Television that the Labour Party’s support comes primarily from a specific region and not the entire nation. In addition, he asserted that Northerners will not vote for anyone from the South-East.

The previous Governor stated;

“In both the PDP and the APC, they (South East) are completely excluded. Now, the NNPP is the only viable option. We are aware that on social media, young people of south-eastern descent are campaigning for the presidency, but the reality is that even if the entire zone or any zone in this country votes for a particular candidate, that person cannot be president due to the provisions of our constitution. I believe the Constitution is designed to ensure that every citizen is involved.

“Many people in the South East feel marginalised today, and they will feel even more so if they are not involved in the 2023 project. As it currently stands, the Labor Party cannot be certain to win an election, as the majority of its support comes from a specific region and the numbers there are insufficient for anyone to attain the presidency.

“There are numerous reasons why I, as Rabiu Kwankwaso, am sympathetic to the South East, and I believe the relationship between the LP and NNPP will significantly reduce tensions in the region. We do not want a situation in which a particular section of the country feels marginalised, as there is already considerable tension there. And this tension is detrimental to the South East and the nation as a whole. There is currently a situation in this country in which the entire zone is closed on Mondays; so many people are being killed and so many business opportunities are being lost.

“Because of this, I’d like to encourage the leaders at that level to think positively in order for this union to succeed. And if this marriage fails, the implication is that his own candidate in the PDP will benefit the most, given that the North’s current political structure is not well understood by many.

“Fortuitously, northern voters have always had their own opinion, which is seldom influenced by elites or anyone else. Consequently, these northern voters have re-decided their course of action, and they will vote for the NNPP.

“What I’m saying is that if someone from the South-East becomes the presidential candidate of our party or any other party under these conditions, northern voters will almost certainly vote for their northern candidate and another party due to the activities and other issues on the ground. Therefore, the question is not whether I like it or not; the reality is that everyone will lose. I will also lose, as will he.

Regarding the probability of the alliance occurring, the NNPP candidate stated:

“Yes, I believe that it will occur, but we also believe that there are some obstacles, particularly from the Labour Party itself, because there are so many influences – some on their side, both negative and positive. There are currently members of other parties who influence the party’s decision-making process (LP). I believe it would be detrimental to the party.”

Kwankwaso, who revealed that he has not yet met Obi for negotiations, also disclosed that a committee set up to negotiate the alliance had met with the ex-Anambra governor, and “I believe that it is highly likely that we will meet and discuss the issue of coming together as a family.”

Additionally, the NNPP presidential candidate stated that the party’s preference is to select a running mate from the South East.

He also suggested that it could be Kingsley Moghalu, the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Obi, or any other prominent individual from the South East.

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