Obi tells Tinubu that it is not his turn to be president in 2023

obi tells tinubu that it is not his turn to be president in 2023
obi tells tinubu that it is not his turn to be president in 2023

Mr. Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has declared that next year’s Presidential election is not based on ethnicity or religion, so that everyone has an equal chance to vote.

Mr. Obi, while speaking at the Labour Party Leadership Retreat in Abuja on Monday, pledged to sign a performance agreement with the Nigerian Labour Congress to ensure that the ideas discussed at the retreat are carried out to the letter.

Obi, presumably referring to the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, said that the upcoming election is about character and competence and not anyone’s turn because there is nowhere in the country where Christians or Muslims buy things cheaper or where Yoruba or Hausa’s have free light.

The leader of the Labour Party promised a second retreat after the election, saying, “Next year’s election will not be based on ethnicity, we have had it before, and it will not be based on religion.”

Nothing is cheaper anywhere else for Christians or Muslims to shop. It is not my turn, and it is not anyone else’s. It can’t be related in any way. Next year’s election must be predicated on credibility and experience.

The presidential hopeful also said that leaders are to blame for the widespread corruption in Nigeria: “If a leader is not stealing, and the family around him are not stealing, we will cut corruption by 70 percent.” In the eight years that I served as governor, not a single dime went stolen.

I’m here to hear what everyone has to say, so when we reach an agreement, let’s put it in writing so you can verify it afterwards. We must have given it our all if we fall short, even if that means only 80% of our goals are met.

Barrister Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party, said in his opening address that Nigeria now has a golden opportunity to reinvent how politics should be played, arguing that the country’s current difficulties are the result of a failure of leadership.

Our government is not led by people with the necessary skills for progress. I’m glad Nigerians are ready for the actual change, not like the APC change in 2015, because this is what has been missing: no one is safe, insecurity has taken over, and something must be done immediately.

He expressed his delight at the steady stream of new members joining the Labour Party in Nigeria and called for unity among the NLC, the Trade Union Congress, and all other Labour affiliates, saying that the moment should not be squandered.

According to Comrade Ayuba Wabba, President of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), “we need to go back to production, which will tackle unemployment.” Against the Nigerian people, corruption is a form of organised crime.

He argued that strikes and protests are not enough to change Nigeria’s government and urged workers to be prepared to work instead.

Wabba explained that people who think the Labour Party lacks structure are mistaken, and that the party is ready to activate its structures in all 774 local government areas of the country, noting that leadership is about energy and intellectual capacity.

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