Ohanaeze Warns Peter Obi Of Opportunists Riding His Popularity

ohanaeze warns peter obi of opportunists riding his popularity
ohanaeze warns peter obi of opportunists riding his popularity

Mr. Jones Onwuasoanya, the leader of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the highest Igbo Socio-cultural organisation, has cautioned the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, against individuals who are rushing to the party to run for election after failing in the primaries of their old parties.

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Onwuasoanya labelled them as political opportunists who hope to win the election by capitalising on Obi’s popularity, particularly in the South East.

In a statement, Onwuasoanya voiced concern that around 90% of current LP ticket holders are ignorant of the party.

He stated, “Ask approximately 90 percent of present Labour Party ticket holders across the nation, and you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that they know nothing about the Labour Party or what it stands for.

“These are power-obsessed, mediocre, idea-deficient, and crooked political opportunists who are seeking any available and simple route to political office. Ninety percent of LP candidates for the National Assembly and governorship elections are worse than the PDP and APC politicians they claim to oppose.

“These individuals will campaign on Peter Obi’s popularity, yet they represent the polar opposite of what Peter Obi stands for. However, many of those who favour Obi will certainly vote for these candidates, particularly in the South East. And I will explain why this is hazardous.

Peter Obi’s prospects of winning the presidency on the LP ticket are less than 25%. There is a great probability that the LP, banking on his popularity, will pick up a few National and State Assembly seats, particularly in the South East, and he will have a huge impact there.

“If we make the error of voting for the LP solely because Peter Obi is on the ticket, we would place the South East in a very precarious political position. Onwuasoanya stated, “We will be sending opportunists to the National Assembly, who likely have little concept of lawmaking and no desire for the good of their people.”

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