Peter Obi campaigns in the north and meets Ango Abdullahi

peter obi campaigns in the north and meets ango abdullahi
peter obi campaigns in the north and meets ango abdullahi

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has expanded his campaign to the northern region of the country.

Obi, who has a significant social media following, met with Prof. Ango Abdullahi, the chairman of the Northern Elders Forum.

He also visited the hometown of Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed, his running mate.

Obi told reporters immediately after the visits, “I came to receive blessings and paternal advice, as well as to discuss some political matters with the senior statesman.

This is due to his position, particularly in the north, and his consistent advocacy for democratic leadership in the nation.

Obi stated that one of the objectives of the conversation was to determine how the country may become sustainable and productive, as it has been unproductive for too long.

“Because the country is currently unproductive, Nigerians are starving, jobless, and searching for a new life. Despite the huge and rich farmland in the north, Nigerians continue to suffer from hunger because we continue to rely on oil, forsaking one of the most vital natural resources.

“We must unite to establish Nigeria a new, productive nation that functions well for all of us,” he declared.

According to him, the North is viewed as a political stronghold with a large population that may influence the political orientation of the country; therefore, it is necessary to speak with essential stakeholders in order to establish a larger and more productive nation.

He asked Nigerians to exercise caution prior to selecting their leaders.

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