Saraki to Tinubu: Nigeria’s Bigger Than Your Ambition

Saraki to Tinubu: Nigeria's Bigger Than Your Ambition
Saraki to Tinubu: Nigeria’s Bigger Than Your Ambition

In response to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s viral comments, former Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki released a statement explaining that when he opposed the plan to impose a Muslim-Muslim presidency on Nigeria in 2014, he did so in the national interest and because he believed Nigeria was greater than anyone’s ambition, including Tinubu’s.

In a statement signed by the director of his Media Office, Yusuph Olaniyonu, Saraki stated that he will resist any scheme that produces a religious crisis in a multireligious nation like Nigeria.

“When I and other leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) opposed a Muslim-Muslim ticket in 2014, it was a decision made in the national interest and not aimed at any particular people or group. Asiwaju is merely being malicious by framing this choice as if it were intended to thwart his goal.

“Let me be clear that the choice to resist the efforts of some individuals to have the APC run a Muslim-Muslim ticket in 2015 was in the national interest, and I will continue to take the same position today, tomorrow, and forever. My position is based on the reality that such a ticket is detrimental to national unity and will exacerbate one of our fault lines.

“Even Asiwaju Tinubu is aware that I am a man unafraid to stand out for what is right. He is aware that I do not follow the herd and that I take positions based on my convictions regarding what is good for the country and what is not. Moreover, it is evident that I have paid for this position,” he added.
“Tinubu or any other individual was not the goal of the opposition to a Muslim-Muslim ticket.” It was a choice that even party leaders acknowledge contributed to the party’s success and to national unity.

He continued by stating that the presidential candidate made false statements and attempted to discredit the National Assembly under his leadership.

Saraki asked Tinubu to consider the wider picture and cease viewing all matters through the lens of his ambitions and personal interests.

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