Tinubu claims that no Nigerian worker should live in poverty

tinubu claims that no nigerian worker should live in poverty
tinubu claims that no nigerian worker should live in poverty

According to Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate, Nigerian workers are the country’s “backbone” and should not be forced to endure poverty.

The APC chairman made the comment in a statement posted on Sunday to honour International Workers’ Day.

Tinubu praised the efforts of Nigerian workers, according to a statement signed by his media assistant Tunde Rahman.

He advocated for the abolition of workplace discrimination against women and persons with disabilities, and he said retirees should be immediately compensated for their contributions to the advancement of the country’s development.

A nation’s labour force is its foundation. “The everyday unsung heroes of our society are our nation’s workers,” remarked the former Lagos governor.

“The effort they did contributes to the identity of our country. Our collective well-being depends on the products and services they produce.

“It is a day for us to completely appreciate the Nigerian worker. You endure numerous hurdles, yet you persevere and prosper even in the most challenging conditions and bad times.

“So many employees get up early and work well into the evening. Their industry and passion are outstanding; their sacrifice, inspirational.

In honouring Nigerian workers’ dedication and accomplishments today, I join my fellow Nigerians in applauding their efforts. They are essential if we are to produce, improve, develop, and have a better tomorrow.

“From factory to farm, large to small enterprises, from employing conventional abilities in established methods to using technology to generate new skills and tomorrow’s new goods.

“The country’s employees symbolise the best of themselves and restore hope for the future of their nation via their hard labour.

The greatest products and services that society and its people require should be our primary focus as well.

“Every day that we show up to work and bring the best of ourselves to the job at hand is a day we contribute to the improvement of our community.

“May we do all is necessary to pave and simplify the road for the Nigerian labour.

Nobody who does a job should be impoverished.” Working in unsafe or unhealthy settings is not acceptable.

“No one shall be subjected to workplace discrimination or intolerance. Harassment of female employees and discrimination against those with disabilities must cease.

“And those who are now elderly and retired are lawfully entitled to prompt and full payment of the pensions owing them for their years of effort and toil for the welfare of our nation.

“As we recognise and celebrate the Nigerian worker on this day, let us as Nigerians, pledge ourselves to a bright future where our individual and communal efforts combine in harmony to generate a better Nigeria for ourselves and future generations.”

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