Tinubu tells Nigerians: I am the brave one you need

Tinubu tells Nigerians: I am the brave one you need
Tinubu tells Nigerians: I am the brave one you need

According to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria will require him in 2023.

On Wednesday, the leading APC presidential candidate stated this during a session hosted by the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Tinubu boasted that none of the candidates for the highest position in the nation are as competent as he is, claiming that he has the necessary experience to manage Nigeria and bring about the necessary change.

“Nigeria needs me as much as I need Nigeria,” the former Lagos Governor remarked. Nigeria need radical, brave reforms that will generate income, and I am that courageous individual. I began my political career as a Senator in the legislature; I am highly educated, sound, smart, and extremely daring. I have fought for democracy and lived in exile, and while in exile, I sponsored many pro-democracy organizations.

“I am a really passionate person, and I have it better when it comes to women’s political engagement and participation.” At this critical juncture, Nigeria requires someone who can turn the country’s fortunes around. How many of the people jogging with me fought for democracy? I was the first governor to provide financial sovereignty to the State Legislature. So, who among them has a chance of becoming a governor of my caliber?

“I was raised to be fearless, and it has served me well.” I turned around Lagos State with no funding from FAAC, and the state is now Africa’s greatest economy. I reserve the right to extol myself. As President of Nigeria, I want to bring this to bear. Nigeria’s accelerated growth requires both thinking and doing, and I am eager to do so again since I am both a thinker and a doer.”

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