Umahi argues that a consensus candidate could emerge today

Umahi argues that a consensus candidate could emerge today
Umahi argues that a consensus candidate could emerge today

David Umahi, the governor of Ebonyi State, has indicated that an All Progressives Congress (APC) consensus candidate for the 2023 presidential election could emerge today.

Umahi, who is also a presidential candidate on the platform of the ruling party, revealed this on a Monday morning Channels television programme.

Tuesday, in Abuja, the APC will convene its convention to determine a presidential candidate, but President Muhammadu Buhari is thought to favour a consensus candidate.

Despite the fact that aspirants have had numerous meetings to select a consensus candidate, these discussions have not produced any results.

Umahi stated, “Well, I foresee that during the next 12 to 24 hours, God will present himself and a consensus candidate will emerge through a process that is acceptable to all or the majority of the aspirants.”

Nobody is greater than the party, and we must adhere to the party’s rules, which are consensus building and respect for the party’s leadership and Nigerians.

In the spirit of equity and fairness, the northern governors had done well to argue for the role to be zoned to the South, he remarked.

In the same spirit of equity and fairness, Umahi urged hopefuls from the southern region to allow the southeast to have it.

He was dismayed that his opponents were continuously rushing to the media to falsely declare that he had resigned.

The governor of Ebonyi State asserted that he is the candidate to beat, claiming that his opponents always disseminate false rumours that he has withdrawn from the contest.

Umahi stated, “This is the third time the media has reported that I have resigned, which demonstrates that some individuals are intimidated by my candidacy.”

He refuted the implication that certain candidates are more competent than others, stating that the party does not establish aspirant qualifications.

The governor stated that an individual’s investment in the party would not automatically make them the chosen candidate, urging the party to search for a candidate who is marketable.

“The party did not establish standards for candidates. So it surprises me when people claim that one candidate is a super candidate.

“Nigerians will not question how much money you have, but what you’ve done for the country,” he stated.

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