We’ll only vote for candidates who support pensions

we'll only vote for candidates who support pensions
we’ll only vote for candidates who support pensions

The Nigerian Union of Pensioners (NUP) has sworn not to vote for any presidential or governorship candidate who is not devoted to pensioner issues.

Godwin Adumisi, president of the NUP, stated during a news conference in Abuja on Wednesday that pensioners have been neglected for too long in the country.

“The retirees will align themselves with the presidential and gubernatorial candidates who are committed and more sympathetic to their plights by voting en masse for them to safeguard their future.

“We’re still evaluating the candidates, and when the time is right, we’ll let the press and our members know who we’ll be voting for.

“If we believe that, if you are elected, you would not pay pensions and gratuities, we will encourage retirees and family members not to vote for you,” he stated.

He lauded the efforts and operations of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) on behalf of the Federal Government.

He stated that PTAD had paid off by delivering relief and placing smiles on the faces of retirees as a result of the efficient administration of their pensions.

Adumisi, on the other hand, condemned the failure of some state governments to pay members’ benefits and the refusal of the majority to revise the amount in accordance with the most recent pension adjustment.

He urged the federal government to issue orders to defaulting state governments.

He demanded that the governors immediately form a joint committee with the NUP state councils to settle the pending claims.

“I cannot conclude this talk without highlighting the pitiful fate and dreadful living conditions of our state pensioners, who are suffering from the nonpayment of their legitimate benefits by their various state governors.

The bulk of state retirees have not gotten a dime of their gratuity since retirement between five and ten years ago, despite the fact that many state governors are timely in paying monthly pensions to state pensioners.

“More troubling is the fact that virtually all state governors opt not to examine the monthly pensions of their pensioners, as required by sections 173(3) and 210(3) of the Constitution of 1999 (as modified)”, he stated.

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