Wike Declares For Presidency, Says ‘I’ve Capacity To Remove APC’

wike declares for presidency says ‘ive capacity to remove apc
wike declares for presidency says ‘ive capacity to remove apc

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State believes he has the ability to lead the Peoples’ Democratic Party to victory in the 2023 presidential election (PDP).

On Sunday, Wike made the announcement at a consultative meeting with stakeholders from the PDP’s Benue chapter at Government House in Makurdi.

The governor, who informed stakeholders of his desire to run for president, asked for votes from Benue PDP delegates at the party’s upcoming national delegates conference, while emphasizing the importance of zoning.

“I’m the person who can convince APC “enough is enough” in order to remove them from power. We must seize power, and I am willing to do so for the PDP. Because God is with us, APC continues to fail every day.” For the first time in Benue, I’m expressing my presidential ambition. “I’m going to run for office,” Wike declared.

He warned stakeholders not to sell their votes, but rather to give them to him, claiming that some PDP presidential candidates were solely interested in power for personal benefit.
Wike also blamed individuals who had previously left the party and returned to seek power for the party’s defeat in 2015, adding that those founding fathers who had fled the party but still wanted to be recognized had lost their shares.

“By the time you fled away, you had sold your part as a founding father, thus you can no longer claim to be a founding father,” he explained.

This is the party for which I ran. Since 1998, I’ve been a member of this political party. I don’t have anywhere to go, therefore anything that happens to this party affects me personally. “I’ve never given up.” Those who fled caused us to lose the election in 2015. They are crying today, but some of us rose up and said that the PDP will not die.

“Some people want to use Nigeria to repurchase their own company. When they talk about the private sector, they should identify the private businesses that have managed to survive. Is it true that your father worked for a bank? Even in my house, where I feed 50 people, everyone is an employer of labor. They should no longer deceive us.” I’ve served as governor and can bear my shoulders high in any situation. Give me the mandate because I am capable of confronting this horrible administration. I shall tell the truth and nothing but the truth to those in positions of authority. I am capable of moving our country forward.”

Governor Samuel Ortom, who welcomed Wike, had earlier prayed to God to grant him his desire to lead the country.

Ortom recalled that his Rivers counterpart had never abandoned Benue, particularly when it came to caring for the horde of displaced persons resulting from herder incursions in some sections of the state.

“I’m running for Southern Presidency,” Ortom declared.

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