You Can’t Be President – Primate Ayodele Tells Peter Obi

You Can't Be President – Primate Ayodele Tells Peter Obi
You Can’t Be President – Primate Ayodele Tells Peter Obi

Primate Elijah Ayodele, leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has advised Peter Obi to abandon his presidential ambitions.

Monday, he told South-East presidential candidate Peter Obi that he cannot run and win the presidential election.

In a statement released by his Media Aide, Oluwatosin Osho, the cleric affirmed Obi’s leadership qualities, but observed that he lacks God’s blessing for the presidential race and was mislead into joining another party to fulfil his goal.

Additionally, he stated that South-Eastern politicians have successfully threatened the region’s 2023 presidential ambitions.

Ayodele remarked that future generations will recall their acts and hate them for introducing such a dilemma to the region.

“Peter Obi cannot possibly run and win; he must either quit from politics or waste his money.” Even better, he should use his resources to aid struggling Nigerians.

“He was deceived into joining the Labour Party in order to pursue his presidential ambitions; he has squandered his chance, as have the Igbos; their descendants will remember this and punish them for it.”

“The political elites of the South-East have successfully compromised the prospects of the Igbos and transformed the region into something else.

Peter Obi is a brilliant leader, but he cannot become the next president of Nigeria; any party that provides him a ticket will be wasting its resources.

Primate Ayodele had cautioned the leaders of the South-East not to let the presidency elude them in 2023 due to their egotism and treason.

He had stated that for peace to reign, the South-East must produce a president, but if the leaders are not attentive, they would miss their opportunity.

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