3-month-old baby, 12 others killed in Benue by Fulani Herdsmen

3-month-old baby, 12 others killed in Benue by Fulani Herdsmen
3-month-old baby, 12 others killed in Benue by Fulani Herdsmen

Gunmen killed a three-month-old baby and 12 adults in separate incidents in some villages of Guma Local Government Area in Benue State.

A group of gunmen opened fire on travellers on the Uikpam – Umenger road around 3 pm on Tuesday, killing five people, including the infant, while eight people were killed at Branch Ude around 10 pm that day.

“We are aware that there was an attack yesterday (Tuesday),” Council Chairman Caleb Aba told our correspondent.

“There was a burial in Torkula and people returning from the burial were attacked, killing about five people.

In the latest attack at about 10 pm last night at Branch Ude, at least eight people were killed, so there have been at least 13 people killed since yesterday evening.”.

The information I received injured two people, who are now receiving medical treatment in the hospital.”

David Mzer, a witness, said he was driving with friends to Umenger for a political meeting when they saw a vehicle in front of them firing several gunshots, which forced them to turn back to Makurdi.

Mzer claims the car’s driver avoided the bullets by sped away to a safe location.

“The herdsmen blocked the road and opened fire on a Toyota Picnic, killing a 3 month-old baby who was shot in the chest, and his mother on her lap.

When my colleague saw the herders shoot at the car in front of him, he turned and returned to Uikpam.

“The herders did not stop there, they also killed Terver from Uvir, who was accompanying his wife. The killers butchered Solomon Kumaiin.

“The bodies of Terver and his wife were taken to a mortuary in Daudu after the accident, while the injured were taken to BSUTH for treatment,” he said.

We talked to two women who were shot on their laps, including the mother of a dead 3-month-old, when our correspondent visited BSUTH.

Sewuese Baaji, the mother of the deceased baby, said she (with other sympathisers) travelled to Umenger village on Monday evening to attend the burial of her husband’s relative.

“We were on our way back to Makurdi from Umenger village en route Torkula where the body of the late man was buried when we suddenly encountered gunmen who opened fire at our vehicle at around 3 pm just before Uikpam community.

It took our driver four or five minutes to get off the attackers’ web, despite the chaos around him.

However, the bullets struck my baby (who I carried on my laps) on the chest and my lap as well. “My baby died instantly,” Baaji said.

Also carrying a baby, Hambafan Akuma reported that a bullet tore through her wrapper and wounded her on the thigh.

Fortunately, Akuma’s infant was saved from the rain of bullets opened on their vehicle by the gunmen who took them unawares.

Patricia Natiav, Baaji’s mother-in-law, told our correspondent at the hospital that the dead baby had been taken to his father’s village in Gboko and buried.

The Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Catherine Anene, said she was still waiting for reports on the incident.

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