A deadly explosion in Uganda’s capital seems to be a terrorist attack

a deadly explosion in uganda's capital seems to be a terrorist attack.
a deadly explosion in uganda’s capital seems to be a terrorist attack.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said on Sunday that a fatal bomb in Kampala late Saturday seemed to be an act of terrorism.

He said that the explosion in the capital killed one person, despite the fact that Uganda Police Chief Political Commissar Asan Kasingye stated late Saturday that two individuals were killed.

According to NTV, at least seven persons were hurt.

“It seems to be a terrorist act,” Museveni said on Twitter on Sunday.

“According to the knowledge I have, three persons arrived and placed a package in a kaveera [plastic bag] that subsequently detonated,” Museveni stated.

There was no instant admission of guilt.

Requests for comment were not immediately responded to by officials.

According to local media, the explosion happened inside Digida Pork Joint, a restaurant. Social media videos showed terrified and perplexed revellers lit by blue police lights.

Bomb explosions are uncommon in the East African nation. In 2010, Somalia’s al Shabaab launched a devastating assault against Kampala, killing scores. The organisation said it struck Uganda as retaliation for its army presence in Somalia.

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