A foreign herdsman is likely to attack in South-West forests – Amotekun

a foreign herdsman is likely to attack in south west forests amotekun
a foreign herdsman is likely to attack in south west forests amotekun

Gen. Kunle Togun (retd), Chairman of the Oyo State Security Network, aka Amotekun, on Wednesday advised residents of South-West states to be vigilant because foreign Fulani herdsmen are active in the forest.

According to Togun, a former director at the Directorate of Military Intelligence, the foreigners might unleash terror in the region.

The Fulani, mostly from Mali, Niger Republic, Chad, and Burkina Faso, had been living in the forests for some time.

Amotekun’s boss made this statement during a lecture organized by students of the Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies at the University of Ibadan on Wednesday.

The theme of his presentation was “Security Challenge: A Holistic Approach and the Importance of Regional Security Dimensions.”

According to Togun, the people who are supposed to run Nigeria are biased in terms of religion. I grew up knowing the native Fulani.

But the ones causing problems are not Nigerians. They come from FutaJallon, Mali, Bourkina Faso, Chad, and Niger Republic. Many of these people were Tuaregs who used to rob traders of money and property in olden times. 

“Somebody has told these foreign Fulani that Allah has given Nigeria to them as their heritage, so they are coming here to take what Allah has given them.”

The Amotekun boss warned people in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti and Ondo states to be alert.

 Toogun explained that the commercial motorcyclists had infiltrated the region so that they can study its topography. 

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