A military sergeant allegedly kills a police inspector in Lagos

a military sergeant allegedly kills a police inspector in lagos
a military sergeant allegedly kills a police inspector in lagos

A police inspector, Inah Ubi, was allegedly shot and killed by an Army sergeant, John Ocheme, on Wednesday.

He was employed by the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), CMS Jetty, Lagos Island, and allegedly killed by Ocheme at the premises of Batare Nigeria Ltd in the Sangotedo area of Ajah, Lagos State.

According to a source who requested anonymity;

“We left here on a flying boat at about 9am. We got to the Sangotedo area of Okun Ajah and got off the boat. There were many dredging companies there.”

As the NIWA team neared the shore, the eyewitness claimed they were spotted by someone suspected of carrying out illegal dredging operations. The suspects fled, leaving behind some of their equipment. Inah gave them a chase and apprehended one of them, where he was protected by the soldiers. According to the witness, both policemen on the NIWA team were armed and in uniform, while the soldiers, though armed, sported only army vests.

One of the soldiers accosted the NIWA team, who identified themselves. As they were explaining their mission to Ubi, they heard several gunshots from the direction Ubi went and found him lying on the ground near another soldier.

Major Olaniyi Osoba, spokesman of the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army covering Lagos and Ogun, did not confirm the incident but assured that no such matter would be dumped.

The Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police has begun an investigation and met last Friday with the head of NIWA’s CMS Jetty in the company of the Army’s lawyer.

According to reports, Ocheme is in Army custody.

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