A new bandit strike in Niger kills 30, abducts 7 women

a new bandit strike in niger kills 30, abducts 7 women
a new bandit strike in niger kills 30, abducts 7 women

Several villagers have left their homes in Niger State’s Munya Local Government Area following the invasion of three villages by bandits that resulted in 30 alleged deaths.

Bandits also kidnapped 7 women in Sabon Kachiwe.

A local government official who spoke in confidence said the attackers killed and shot women and men before setting the entire villages on fire.

Ahmed Ibrahim Matane, the Secretary to the State Government, confirmed the attack on the three villages earlier.

SSG reports 13 deaths in Kachiwe, 9 in Shape and 6 in another village in Sarkin Pawa Ward, Munya Local Government.

According to a source from the community, 10 people were burned alive in their rooms, while four people were slaughtered in Sabon Kachiwe village alone.

“Ten people were burned to ashes in their rooms; some were shot, while others were slaughtered. Seven of our women were taken as well. A mobile telecommunications network had been seized in the area at the time the attacks were occurring, so we could not communicate with the security forces.

During the attack, the attackers also destroyed telecommunication masts belonging to MTN and GLO, the source said.

As soon as they attacked Sabon Kachiwe, where 14 people were killed, they proceeded to Shape village, very close to Sabon Kachiwe, and killed nine people. They also killed 7 people in Gogofe, another village very close by. Because of the seizure of the network in the area, the villagers could not communicate by phone.

“At the moment we do not know anything about the kidnapped women, since even the bandits would find it impossible to contact us since there is no telecommunications system,” said a local who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Because there was no network, we could not call the security operatives, so the attacks were successful.

As they left the villages, a broken car was being repaired by a mechanic on the main road. The car owner and mechanic were tied and slaughtered. There was also a discovery of their remains.”

Mass burials were held on Thursday for the deceased.

They urged the government to restore the mobile network in the area as soon as possible so that they can contact security officers if any security breach occurs.

‘Security operatives arrived and evacuated the dead bodies. They were prepared and buried in mass graves,” a source said.

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