A woman with a 5-month-old baby blocked Ayade’s office over unpaid salaries

a woman with a 5 month old baby blocked ayade’s office over unpaid salaries
a woman with a 5 month old baby blocked ayade’s office over unpaid salaries

His Worship Rita Ititim was with her five-month-old baby when she joined other protesters to block Governor Benedict Ayade’s office, protesting non-payment of 26 months salaries.

The senior magistrate said she had no choice but to bring her to illustrate the plight she had been in over the period.

She said the baby had been exposed to dangers because she had not been able to buy drugs, foods and other essentials for her because she is been owing the pharmacies.

“I feel very terrible that I have been forced out in this cold with my baby to be attacked by sand flies.

“I feel very terrible. I am close to tears that my baby has to cope without drugs and foods” she said.

Ititim was part of the 29 magistrates who trooped out early in the morning of Monday 22 March 2021 with placards to demand that Ayade pays them.

Spokesman of the protesting magistrates, Solomon Abuo, said, “In January 2021, when we met with the governor, his deputy and attorney general of the state over our plight, he assured that he would defray the backlog of the 26 months salaries.

“We are most surprised that he has again reneged on his promise.

“It is very sad, unfair and heartlessness for the state government to treat us this way.

“Some of us have been evicted from our apartment’s over the inability to pay our rents.

“At that meeting, Gov Ayade set up a committee headed by his deputy, Prof Ivara Esu, who has since submitted his report to him.

“All that remains is for him to append his signature so that we can be paid. But we wouldn’t know why he doesn’t want to pay us.

“He agreed that the state government engaged us procedurally,” he said.

But Christian Ita, the senior special adviser to Governor Ayade, in an earlier reaction, said the protesters were not properly engaged.

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