AEW Rumors: Former WWE Superstar To Become On-Air Commissioner

There are a number of former WWE superstars and big names in All Elite Wrestling, but another may soon have a position of authority. AEW is looking to continue its momentum into 2020 since its debut earlier this year has been quite successful. Now, there are rumors flying around that former WWE superstar and former ECW Heavyweight Champion Tazz/Taz will soon join the company in an on-air commissioner role.

For many years, Tazz was a superstar on WWE’s roster and then moved into the role of commentator for quite a while. Eventually, he ended up having his contract expire with WWE and working for TNA Wrestling for nearly six years in the same role before leaving all active promotions in early 2015.

The former ECW Champion has been hosting his own podcast and working for CBS Sports Radio for years, but he has recently finished up that job. Now, he’s free to work elsewhere, and he may already have another big job lined up. Currently, some are expecting him to move to All Elite Wrestling.

According to the official Twitter account of Wrestle Votes, AEW is contemplating adding an on-air commissioner type figure to television. While it’s not known exactly who it could be, the name being thrown around is none other than Tazz.

Wrestle Votes does usually report on WWE and not always on other promotions, but they are often spot-on in their reporting. Even if they report something, they will always speak on whether they’re sure of the information or not entirely certain, which is the case with this news.

It would not be a total surprise for Tazz to end up in AEW as he’s been making appearances for them for quite some time. Back in the middle of October, he made his debut for All Elite Wrestling by providing commentary for AEW Dark, which takes place after the weekly episode of Dynamite.

For the Full Gear pay-per-view on November 9, he appeared on the pre-show as a commentator and special guest. As of this writing, he is scheduled for the “Homecoming” episode of Dynamite, which will take place in Jacksonville on January 1.

AEW Rumors: Former WWE Superstar To Become On-Air Commissioner
AEW Rumors: Former WWE Superstar To Become On-Air Commissioner

Tazz has always been one of the most popular superstars/wrestlers in any promotion that he has worked for, and the same would likely happen with All Elite Wrestling. Right now, this is simply a rumor that the former ECW Champion would sign with them to become their on-air commissioner, but anything is possible. If the former WWE superstar were to suddenly appear on Dynamite, it would surely draw a lot of attention from wrestling fans.