15 soldiers killed by roadside bomb in northern Burkina Faso

15 soldiers killed by roadside bomb in northern burkina faso
15 soldiers killed by roadside bomb in northern burkina faso

Several soldiers were killed when a transport vehicle drove over a buried explosive in northern Burkina Faso on Tuesday, the army claimed in a statement, before a second blast killed those who raced to their rescue.

Military personnel and civilians alike are frequently attacked by Islamist terrorists in the Bam province of the country’s central-northern area. At the very least, since 2015, there have been groups affiliated to Al Qaeda and the Islamic State operating in the region.

“Another device was apparently ignited remotely while rescue and security activities were being organised, resulting in several victims,” the statement claimed.

According to a statement, no group has claimed responsibility for the incident, but the investigation is ongoing.

Four troops and nine civilian army volunteers were slain in an ambush in the Bam province less than a week ago by Islamist insurgents.

President Burkina Faso was toppled by army officers fed up with the increasing attacks in January, and they swore to enhance security. However, violence has persisted.

Thousands of people have been killed and more than 1.85 million people forced to flee their homes as a result of the conflict in Burkina Faso and the wider Sahel region of West Africa.

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