2,000 Kenya Police Officers Found Mentally Unfit To Serve

2,000 kenya police officers found mentally unfit to serve
2,000 kenya police officers found mentally unfit to serve

Hillary Mutyambai, Inspector-General of Police, has stated that 2,000 police personnel are psychologically unfit to serve in the force.

Mutyambai stated that the findings were discovered after medical checks were done on police personnel at a meeting with bishops and senior clergy of the Anglican Church in Nairobi on Tuesday.

“We put all of the policemen to medical examination, and to our astonishment, we received a large percentage of positive results.” “We segregated about 2,000 police officers who were deemed unsuitable to perform their law enforcement duties,” Mutyambai stated.

IG Mutyambai went on to state that a mechanism has been begun to control some of the mentally disturbed officers.

He emphasised the need of having stable officers in the service, emphasising the tremendous danger presented, particularly when police are in possession of firearms.

“The Police Department has now begun the process of controlling some of them.” It is not simple to dismiss someone from employment (for medical reasons). “The government has its own procedures,” he explained.

“Our weapon of trade is the pistol, and when one round is discharged, the consequences are dire.”

Mutyambai’s comments came in the wake of an uptick in suicide and depression cases among law enforcement officers.

In January, a task group was formed to fight the growing number of mental health cases among police personnel, which are affecting their performance.

This is after financial management, difficult job, money troubles, spousal squabbles, transfers, working far away from friends, and stress exposure were identified as causes.

The task force established lines of communication among the police as part of its efforts to detect any signs of stress among them. Police commanders were also told to be on the lookout for any triggers that might lead to sadness, stress, or mental illness and to act quickly.

The programme aims to empower police officers at all levels by increasing their sensitivity to stress and trauma issues that they face on a daily basis in their work and personal life.

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