Burkina Faso names interim government following January’s coup

Burkina Faso names interim government following Januarys coup
Burkina Faso names interim government following Januarys coup

According to an official decree issued on Saturday, interim president Paul-Henri Damiba has authorised a new administration that includes the same defence minister who served under former president Roch Kabore before his expulsion in a military coup.

Damiba was sworn in as interim president for three years on Wednesday, after leading a group of officers to depose Kabore in January. They said they were motivated by dissatisfaction with Islamist extremists’ increasing brutality.

According to the order, the new cabinet of 25 ministers includes Defence Minister General Barthelemy Simpore, who has kept the role he had under Kabore.

On Thursday, the West African nation’s interim prime minister, economist Albert Ouedraogo, was unveiled.

After a period of democracy that had aroused expectations that the area could shed its status as the continent’s ‘coup belt,’ Burkina Faso’s military coup was the continent’s fourth in 18 months, following two in Mali and one in Guinea.

The new government will have to strive to curb the deadly Islamist insurgency that has engulfed large swaths of Burkinabe territory and depleted the country’s limited resources.

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