Kenya’s president increases the country’s minimum wage by 12%

Kenya's president increases the country's minimum wage by 12%
Kenya’s president increases the country’s minimum wage by 12%

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta announced on Sunday that his administration will immediately increase the country’s minimum salary by 12% to assist employees in coping with a jump in consumer costs caused in part by the Ukraine crisis.

“There is a compelling rationale for revising the minimum wage in order to protect our employees’ buying power from further erosion,” the president’s office cited him as saying during Labour Day celebrations in the capital Nairobi.

He justified the rise by stating that the minimum wage had not been revised in three years and that the cost of living had grown.

Kenya’s minimum monthly pay is now 13,500 Kenyan shillings ($116.68).

Kenyans, like residents of other nations in the area, are coping with a jump in commodity costs, particularly cooking oil and petrol, exacerbated by supply worries following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24.

Inflation in the east African country increased to 6.47 percent year on year last month, the statistics office reported. It was 5.56 percent in March.

Last month, the country faced a fuel crisis, with traffic in certain sections of Nairobi slowing to a halt as cars queued in front of filling stations.

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