Pope Francis apologises for trip cancellation to Africa

pope francis apologises for trip cancellation to africa
pope francis apologises for trip cancellation to africa

Pope Francis sent his apologies to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan for having to cancel his visit due to walking difficulties, and expressed his hope that his condition would improve.

The Vatican stated on Thursday that the trip scheduled for July 2-7 has been postponed indefinitely due to the 85-year-old pontiff’s knee condition, which has caused him to use a wheelchair for more than a month.

Pope Francis cancels trip to Africa due to knee ailment

“It is with great regret that I must postpone this journey, which I am still eager to make,” he remarked in front of tens of thousands of people on St. Peter’s Square on Sunday.

“I beg your pardon for this oversight. Let us hope that with God’s aid and medical care, I will be able to come to you as soon as possible. We are optimistic, “He addressed the people and government of both countries personally.

The Vatican said on Thursday that the trip had been postponed “so as not to impede the progress of his knee therapy.”

On Sunday, he described his condition, which is suspected to be a ruptured ligament, as “leg issues.” Francis also has sciatica, which caused him to limp prior to the onset of the knee condition.

According to Vatican officials, the pope has been receiving numerous injections each week as well as physical treatment for the condition, and he had hoped to restore at least a portion of his walking capacity before the trip was scheduled to begin.

According to reports, the pope opposes surgery because to complications with general anaesthesia following an operation to remove a portion of his intestine a year ago.

The Pope Francis visit to Canada is still set for July 24-30.

In addition, he warned his audience not to become acclimated to the conflict in Ukraine. “Let us not permit the passage of time to numb our sadness and sympathy for those who were martyred,” he added.

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