Social media rage over images of Bashir in hospital

social media rage over images of bashir in hospital
social media rage over images of bashir in hospital

Many Sudanese social media users were outraged after seeing a video of ousted President Omar al-Bashir wandering about a hospital ward where he had been transferred because he was too unwell to be imprisoned, yet some expressed sympathy for the ex-general.

Bashir, who was removed just over three years ago in a military coup following months of unrest, has been jailed in Kober Prison while on trial on allegations of organising the 1989 army takeover that brought him to office, as well as corruption and human rights violations.

Shauntv was unable to independently authenticate the validity of the footage, which surfaced this week and whose origin is unknown. The tape, however, has not been challenged by Bashir’s attorneys, one of whom verified that he is currently hospitalised.

Bashir can be seen in the video and images welcoming guests outside his hospital room, smiling, and wandering about the medical ward, dressed casually and carrying a watch.

They are the first photographs of Bashir that have been made public outside of courtroom footage.

In another video, he can be seen visiting a fellow patient in another room.

“The former president’s presence in the hospital is based on court-approved medical evaluations that indicated hospital care for his ailment,” said Abdelrahman Alkhalifa, one of the coup defence lawyers.

Bashir’s attorneys have demanded that he be transferred to the private military-owned hospital where he is presently being treated for COVID-19 infections as well as high blood pressure.

While some on social media prayed for Bashir’s health and release, others were outraged by what they saw to be careless treatment.

“It’s evident today that the victims of the revolution died for naught,” one person said.

“Let him see anybody he wants and travel through every hospital in the country; what matters is that he will never control this country again, and his judgement will be with God,” added another.

Sudan is now administered by the military generals who deposed Bashir. The generals attempted a coup in October, terminating a power-sharing deal with civilian political parties.

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