Witnesses horrified after discovering 410 skeletal remains near Kyiv

witnesses horrified after discovering 410 skeletal remains near kyiv
witnesses horrified after discovering 410 skeletal remains near kyiv

Ukraine has discovered 410 dead in villages around Kyiv as part of an inquiry into alleged Russian war crimes, but some witnesses have been rendered speechless by their horror, according to the country’s top prosecutor.

The mayor of Bucha, a freed town 37 kilometers (23 miles) northwest of Kyiv, alleged 300 citizens had been killed by Russian soldiers while Chechen fighters held the area after Russia withdrew from several districts around Kyiv.

The charges that Russian military killed people in Bucha are untrue. Moscow claims that no people have been harmed by Russian military, and accuses Kyiv of staging a fabricated provocation for Western media.

Prosecutors from Ukraine were only able to reach Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel for the first time on Sunday, and they need more time to determine the scope of the crimes, according to Prosecutor General Iryna Venedyktova.

Venedyktova stated, “We need to work with witnesses.”

“Today’s people are so anxious that they are unable to speak.”

She stated that while 140 bodies have been examined thus far, she would be requesting that the health ministry send as many forensic experts as possible to a field hospital in the Kyiv region.

Denys Monastyrskiy, the Interior Minister, said it was evident hundreds of civilians had been murdered, but he wouldn’t specify how many because attempts to defuse mines in the region were still underway.

“Many people in the area have gone missing. We can’t give an exact number, but it’s a large number “, he explained.

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