Woman Jailed for Puncturing Her Partner’s Condoms To Get Pregnant

woman jailed for puncturing her partner's condoms to get pregnant
woman jailed for puncturing her partner’s condoms to get pregnant

Local media stated that a lady in Germany was given a 6-month suspended prison term for sexual assault in a case in which she was accused of intentionally poking her partner’s condoms.

Wednesday, May 4th, a regional court in the city of Bielefeld, Germany, rendered a “historic” decision convicting the woman of sexual assault for “theft.”

Stealthing occurs when a man removes his condom from a sexual encounter without his partner’s knowledge.

“This regulation applies in the opposite situation as well. In her judgement, Judge Astrid Salewski stated that the condoms were rendered ineffective without the man’s knowledge or consent.

According to a report by DW, in 2021, the 39-year-old lady had a “friends with benefits” casual sexual connection with a 42-year-old man she met online.

The woman is believed to have developed deeper affections for her boyfriend, although knowing that he favoured noncommittal relationships.

The woman then secretly pierced the condoms that her partner kept on his bedside in an attempt to conceive.

Although her efforts were allegedly unsuccessful, she later sent the man a message on WhatsApp stating that she believed she was pregnant and that she had intentionally ruined the condoms.

The 42-year-old guy subsequently launched a lawsuit against her, and she eventually admitted that she had attempted to manipulate her spouse.

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