After receiving Covid, a mother of three had her hands and feet removed

after receiving covid, a mother of three had her hands and feet removed.
after receiving covid, a mother of three had her hands and feet removed.

After a patient’s hands and feet were amputated as a consequence of the infection, a doctor cautioned about the risks of Covid.

Dr. Wesley Ely of Nashville, Tennessee, stated that Autumn Nugent, a mother of three, had her hands and feet “removed by Covid.”

When Autumn Nugent was being fitted with her prosthetic limb, her hands and upper legs were covered in bandages. The doctor shared a video of the fitting on Twitter.

As a result of the coronavirus infection, the mother of three’s blood began to clot, and she eventually lost her limbs.

He described her as an inspiration because of her “physical resilience as well as mental fortitude.

“She showed me a video of herself walking on prosthetic legs and told me to let you know that a vaccination for blood clots caused by the Covid virus may be developed.

There are many organs that may be affected by Covid-19, which is an illness of the blood arteries.

“Clotting of the blood robs critical organs of their vitality.

In order to help others learn and be vaccinated, this patient requested that her experience be shared with others.

Blood clots may be caused by the virus’ problems, according to the doctor, and these are what cause the wounds to seem like burns.

Unknown virus was “attacking her lungs” and infected a surgical incision in her arm, although it was acquired from some unknown source.

“Her life is permanently altered,” Dr. Ely said. As a young and healthy individual, this is the truth of what may happen to you.

It doesn’t matter how many curveballs life throws our way; life continues on anyway. Tomorrow is not too far away.

“It’s her devotion to her children and sisters that keeps her going.”

“Covid patients want to be vaccinated and many have urged you to reconsider,” the doctor said in a letter to anti-vaxxers.

“Play your part by spreading the word about her story and the message of hope it contains.

Let’s make it worth her while for her to open out!

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