Amotekun rescues two Fulani herdsmen abducted by fellow herdsmen

amotekun rescues two fulani herdsmen abducted by fellow herdsmen
amotekun rescues two fulani herdsmen abducted by fellow herdsmen

Men from the Amotekun Corps, the state’s security network, have rescued two abducted Fulani herders from their fellow ranchers.

They were kidnapped by a group of herders in Supare Akoko, located in the Akoko South-West Local Government Area of the state, according to local reports.

Musa Ibrahim and Amidu Ibrahim, both brothers from the same mother, were verified as the victims by the state’s commanding officer, Chief Adetunji Adeleye.

In the account of Adeleye, his men arrived at the location to find the victims bound to a tree and about to be butchered by hoodlums.

He claims that when the police arrived at the site, the seven hoodlums fled the area, leaving behind Sidi Amodu, who was sleeping at the time of the incident.

“The kidnapping of herders by fellow Fulani men is the subject of this case. Musa Ibrahim and Amidu Ibrahim, two herders rescued by the Amotekun Corps, are brothers “As Adeleye put it,

“During the kidnapping operation, they were brought to Supare Akoko and their possessions were stolen. Before our guys discovered what was going on, the Fulani men had already tied them up and were preparing to murder them. One of the crooks was apprehended when we made it into the jungle where they were hiding.

“He admitted to the crime and stated that the gang consisted of seven members, all of whom had relocated from Benin and Kogi states into the state of Oyo. In the most recent kidnapping, eight persons were taken, according to him. When the Amotekun guys arrived, he stated they all fled in order to avoid detention “he said.

Amodu, the presumed kidnapper, stated he travelled from Kogi specifically for the purpose of kidnapping and that the cows were rented as a ruse because the kidnappers did not own the animals.

“Ajowa Akoko, Akunnu, and Supare, he noted, were some of the worst roads in the state.

According to the suspect, the gang relocated from Okenne, Kogi State, to Ondo State with rented cows to commit crimes as herders.

It was also revealed that the two brothers were abducted for ransom in Akunnu Akoko, Supare Akoko, and Ajowa Akoko.

The hoodlums allegedly battered and tormented the victims while they recounted their ordeal.

“When they tortured us, they threatened to murder us unless we called our family members and paid a ransom to get them to free us. Amotekun men intervened and saved us from being beaten to death in the wilderness.”

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