An army operation in Kaduna kills four notorious bandits

an army operation in kaduna kills four notorious bandits
an army operation in kaduna kills four notorious bandits

As reported by Kaduna State Government on Sunday, the military successfully killed four notorious bandits in a valley popularly known as Maikwandaraso in Igabi Local Government Area.

Military forces engaged the bandits at the location, as part of the combined ground and air attacks on identified bandit enclaves, and killed the four bandits with air interdictions.

Samuel Aruwan, the state commissioner for internal security and home affairs, disclosed this information in a statement.

His list included Alili Bandiro, Dayyabu Bala, Bala Nagwarjo, and Sulele Bala as bandits killed.

According to the statement, several other bandits were eliminated during the same cycle of air interdictions and ground offensives.

“Upon receiving the report, Governor Nasir El-Rufai expressed his satisfaction with the development, and thanked the military for its concerted efforts to rid the identified areas of armed bandits,” he said.

As a result of the successful strikes, the governor commended the troops and personnel involved and urged them to continue the tempo of their efforts until the hideouts are thoroughly swept.

Igabi Local Government Area has been identified as the hub for several armed bandit camps and hideouts, including the notorious Kawara and Malul forests close to Maikwandaraso and Karshi villages.

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