APGA Campaign In Anambra Disrupted By ‘unknown Gunmen’

APGA Campaign In Anambra Disrupted By ‘unknown Gunmen'
APGA Campaign In Anambra Disrupted By ‘unknown Gunmen’

On Tuesday, gunmen believed to be members of the banned Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) took the motorcade of Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano captive.

When the assailants interrupted the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) campaign event at Odata Secondary School in Ihiala Local Government Area of the State, the incident occurred.

After an hour of being stalled due to gunfire heard across the neighborhood, the governor’s convoy was released.

DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, the Anambra Police Public Relations Officer, acknowledged that an assault had occurred at Ihiala.

The assault on Odata was foiled, according to Ikenga, who issued a statement about it.

According to him, the assailants left behind an AK-47 rifle, two magazines each holding 30 rounds of ammo, a Lexus 350 jeep, a Rav 4 jeep, a Mercedes Benz, and a Toyota Corolla.

After arriving at Odata Secondary School, the gunmen opened fire, but security officers quickly put an end to the incident.

There is no longer any danger in the neighborhood, according to him, and efforts are continuing to apprehend the gang members who are running away.

Anambra state Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment Mr. C.Don Adunuba responded to the assault by saying a joint police-and-military force had repulsed the onslaught.

Several motorbikes were used to transport the gunmen, as well as three vehicles: a Toyota Lexus 350 ES with registration number EKY 765 EX, a Toyota RAV4 with registration number JJJ 434FP, and an unidentified Ford van that caught fire during the gunfight between the terrorists and security personnel.

He said that the shooters fled inside the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, which is immediately across the street from the campaign grounds, after being overwhelmed by the overwhelming firepower of the security officers.

As he put it, “the security guys would have shot them all to death had the shooters not fled inside the hospital, which is a very sensitive location to kill anybody.”

In his words, the Anambra State Police Command has asked the locals to assist watch out for and report individuals with gunshot wounds if they see any of such people.

In addition, he requested that hospitals and other health institutions in Ihiala Local Government Area and neighboring villages in Imo State report any cases of people suffering from gunshot wounds.

Obiano, on the other hand, has praised the police and military personnel who helped to prevent the assault.

Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo, the APGA’s gubernatorial candidate in the next election, was welcomed by a huge throng of APGA supporters at Atani in Ogbaru LGA, where Obiano was speaking to media. Obiano characterized the security men’s reaction as professional and patriotic.

As an example, Soludo, who was assaulted on March 31 in his birthplace of Isuofia, Aguata local government area, and who lost three police officers protecting him, praised the security forces for their courage when speaking to the young.

Anambra State security personnel “laid down their lives for us and do their best because they get encouragement from the security-conscious state administration, among other reasons,” according to the report.

“As time passes and the election day approaches, we anticipate a more professional display.”

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