Bandit who led the attack on Kaduna-Abuja road was killed on Sunday

bandit who led the attack on kaduna abuja road was killed on sunday
bandit who led the attack on kaduna abuja road was killed on sunday

Bandit who purportedly spearheaded the attack on the Kaduna-Abuja Road on Sunday has been gunned down.

Several people were kidnapped and a previous candidate for governor was slain in repeated attacks that began on Sunday, according to Shauntv.

There have been armed robberies on the Kaduna-Abuja highway for four days in succession.

According to reports from security sources, the head of the street gang was murdered in a shootout with the police.

He was referred to as Yellow Baba Arusa by the medical examiner. A motorbike and a gun are claimed to have been found in the gang’s possession.

In the Kaduna South Local Government Area, security officers are claimed to have ambushed five bandits who had gone to buy alcohol and pentazocine, an opioid painkiller.

Following recent attacks by bandits in Kaduna State’s highways, the Kaduna State Government enforced an October three-month communications outage.

NCC has been instructed by the state government to shut down telecom service in specified local government districts of the state at the request of security agencies.

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