Bandits Ambush Sokoto Market, Killing 19 Traders

bandits ambush sokoto market, killing 19 traders
bandits ambush sokoto market, killing 19 traders

On Friday, armed Bandits attacked a market in Unguwan Lalle, Sabon Birni Local Government Area, Sokoto State, killing at least 19 merchants.

Other people were wounded in the assault. The bulk of them were taken to the General Hospital, Sabon Birni, where they are being treated right now.
No one knows whether the assault was retaliation for Yan Sakai, an unlawful vigilante group that murdered 11 people at Mamande’s weekly market on Thursday, being blamed for tension.
Bandit assaults have been reported in Unguwan Lalle, a hamlet along the Goronyo-Sabon Birni route, in recent months.
About a month ago, robbers attacked and murdered five troops who were in the region on a rescue operation for them.
Many merchants come to Unguwan Lalle market from all across Sokoto State, as well as Zamfara, Kebbi and the neighbouring Niger Republic to sell their goods.
Another source informed our reporter that two biological brothers who traded in hides and skins were among the dead, although the names of those murdered have not yet been determined by this source.
“From the city, the two brothers arrived at the market. Our source told us that they were buried in the Tudun Wada cemetery in the Sokoto South local government district.
Shortly after the merchants returned after Juma’at congregational prayers, the assailants attacked the market.
Around 3 p.m. they arrived, encircled the market, and began randomly firing.
In all, it stated, “I counted approximately 19 corpses, and many are still missing”
Sabon Birni North member Aminu Almustapha Gobir confirmed the assault and stated the whole Sabon Birni community was in sorrow over the attack.
This is what I have been telling you folks about Sabon Birni, and the government is not pleased.
Gobir, who was there at the brothers’ funeral, saw that the assailants also murdered merchants from other locations.
All rural markets in the state’s eastern portion were outlawed as part of efforts to combat banditry, and the state administration has accused the merchants of the assault.
This was said by Colonel Garba Moyi (rtd), the Commissioner for Carriers and Security Issues.
The state administration has shut down marketplaces in areas plagued by banditry since that’s where the bad guys acquire their supplies.
Even if it was for their own benefit, “some communities are not cooperating with this temporary step,” he stated.
He said that in each of the impacted local government areas, a task team was made up of security agents, local government chairmen, and representatives of district heads.
According to him, “we’ll figure out why they’re not implementing this order in their various regions”
According to Gobir, in response to the Commissioner’s statement, until there is a significant military action taking place in the region, the state government’s executive order will have no effect whatsoever.

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