Bandits, armed ‘preachers’ clash in Zamfara

Bandits, armed 'preachers' clash in Zamfara
Bandits, armed ‘preachers’ clash in Zamfara

An armed group is currently engaged in fighting bandits in Dansadau Emirate of Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

On Friday, the group was spotted riding motorbikes in the Dandalla community.

Dandalla is a community located 15 kilometers south of Dansadau.

In the neighbouring Kaduna State, a forest straddles the Birnin Gwari axis to the south of the community.

Members of the group, who wore long beards, performed Jumat prayer separately and then preached to the bandits to stop attacking communities.

According to credible sources, instead of attacking peasant farmers and stopping them from working on their land, they should hold their guns against government officials.

Alhaji Mustapha Umar, the Wazirin Dansadau, told Daily Trust that a resident of the community confirmed the development to him.

“It is true that armed men came to the community. Residents fear they might be influenced by the ideology of Boko Haram.”

A bandit shot one of the group members after Allah Mustapha preached to them after he was kidnapped by the gunmen and released after a ransom was paid, said Mustapha, who was also once kidnapped by the gunmen.

“The killing of the bandit sparked a deadly fight between them, leading to the death of many bandits. As I learned when I was in their captivity, the bandits themselves are scared of the activities of this armed group in the forest.

Since many years, residents of Dansadau town, especially those in the south, east and west, have been held hostage by criminals.

The bandits are asserting their control on the residents and adjudicate between people whenever there is a dispute.

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